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Are you a Campus Ambassador? A New Mantra to stand different from the herds
December 29, 2015
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Entry to college, is a ticket to freedom for most of us and we try to cope up with studies without really cutting down on our “Masti” but when in college, especially, the first two years do we even care how crucial is it for us to have an outstanding resume?

Colleges, generally, have a bifurcation in terms of students—studious and sincere versus indecorous yet intelligent. The former spends a lot of time in classrooms, studying and often times searching for internships for their vacations. They even get one because their marks speak for their sincerity. Many from the former category refrain themselves from even thinking of doing anything extra to avoid any obstruction in their tightly zipped schedule of classes and coaching, given the semester system. The latter, either isn’t interested or not informed. Many among this category regret later when they fail to get what they desire in the future. It’s true marks are important but given the changing times your extracurricular may be a savior when you fail to score well as it adds to resume, in fact it makes your resume attractive and important of all, it showcases your personality, your interests, innovative abilities and caliber to undertake tasks in future.

For Collegites, adding credentials to their kitty has become even simpler with campus ambassador programs becoming a mantra among students these days. Several reputed Universities of Delhi (of course, including myriad college affiliated to them) are now on the top priority of various companies and institutions to employ ambassadors from different colleges, who can act as a catalyst between the students of their University/College and the Company.

These campus ambassadors represent the respective company on their campus and ensure that their events and products are marketed during their fests/other activities on the campus. This widens the outreach of the institutions/companies amongst the college students; especially those relating the education sector, and on the other hand expose students to myriad events or options available which often goes unnoticed. Today, for many students, being a Campus Ambassador seems like an impeccable opportunity with virtually no cons—not bound by the office hours, no stipulation of coming to the work station, no missing of lectures…all that an ambassador is supposed to do is either work from home or from campus—where he/she spends the maximum time.

So, if an internship is for a month or two as you are bound by your vacations (and at times not even that as you are bound by your MBA classes, MA entrance prep or volunteering with an NGO etc) then Campus Ambassador Program stands distinctive as it leaves you with the game in your court! Now you no longer have to wait for the semester-end to approach so you can start out an internship during summer and winter vacations. You can easily manage the tasks given during the program alongside your lectures and other college activities.

A Campus Ambassador Programme generally comes with an advantage of:

  • Flexible working Hours
  • Work alongside college days
  • Networking
  • Acquiring Leadership, Management & Communication Skills
  • Win Discounts on Various Programmes/Events of the Company
  • Enhance your CV

So, don’t wait for your vacations to come around for an Internship/part time experience; build your resume today by being an ambassador of a Company and be different from the herd race and who knows this experience brings for you a better internship during vacation period!!

Get a head-start over others without really worrying about your marks or lectures anymore!


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